MicroSoft .NET

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    Shell2 Software has in-depth knowledge and experience in Microsoft Technologies. Our teams of highly motivated software professionals are specialized in creating high quality desktop, web, mobile or metro style applications using Microsoft technologies.

    By adopting industry’s best practices, we provide high quality software that is reliable, stable & perform optimally. The team is well verse with various Microsoft Technologies which includes C#, VB.Net, Silverlight, XAML, Asp.Net, WCF, SharePoint, BizTalk

  • Java

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    With our solid experience in Java platform, we at Shell2 Software are committed for a cost-effective, reliable & robust solutions for our customers.

    Our team with expertise in Java, J2EE, J2ME, J2SE and others help create design, create, deliver business solutions that cater to all your business needs.


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    What will be the next technology for the web has answer now. HTML5 along with CSS3 and jQuery is the future of the internet for the next decade.

    Experts at Shell2 Software are well versed with designing and developing application for the web and mobile devices. These vast experience and in-depth knowledge in advanced web technologies make Shell2 Software unique for designing and developing applications for the next generation.

    The solutions in Shell2 Software powered by CSS3 will provide user interface which is visually appealing, user-friendly and flexible on both mobile and desktop environments.


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    PHP along with jQuery and PostgreSQL make a rapid and strong development environment for e-commerce and other web applications.

    Shell2 Software has experts for architecting and developing high performance, scalable and secured solutions for e-commerce, content management and business critical web applications.

    The user interface designers at Shell2 Software will not only make your application visually appealing but also user friendly. We also help migrating PHP 4 application to PHP 5.


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    Shell2 Software has specialized database professionals for architecting and implementing oracle based solutions along with performance tuning from design to deployment.

    Our expert performance tuning professionals continuously collect statistics and tune the production databases for optimum performance. Oracle DBA in Shell2 Software are experts in installing, maintaining and migrating oracle database in any of Windows, Linux, Solaris and UNIX platforms.

    Our DBA team has in-depth knowledge in Oracle technology and assist you in disaster recovery and incident solving.

MicroSoft SQLServer

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    Shell2 Software has database experts who understand SQL server database to its low level internals and who can analyze queries, manage indexes to provide the optimum database performance.

    The team can help you in designing, programming, deploying and maintaining Microsoft SQL Server database. Shell2 Software DBA will provide secured, reliable and high performance SQL Server database environment for your business.

    The DBAs periodically performs SQL Server health check using advanced tools & methodologies and work with the designers to provide the best optimal database performance with highest security. The team has extensive experience in migrating and synchronizing databases.


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    A passionate and creative iOS team at Shell2 Software helps you from concept to market in materializing your dream application.

    We are there with you at every step from concept, design, implementing and also help you take your product to the App store. Be it iPhone, iPod or iPad, we build apps for all. With our right design and development talent we help you succeed in your business


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    Android is an operating system for hand held devices like mobile phones, tablet PC and notebooks. Our Android experts comes with in-depth knowledge of industry practices in mobile application development arena.

    Our android developers utilizes the strengths of Android platform to launch robust, customized and engaging mobile apps for your needs.

Test Automation Suite

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    The team with its adapt knowledge in various test automation tools like Selenium, SAHI, QTP, SOAPUI, Robotium, Nativedriver, KIF etc. help automate various software testing steps to improve quality and reliability